From the recording Song of Wonder


Verse 1
The skies above declare
The handiwork of God;
Without a word the day and night
Repeat His fame abroad.
From where he sleeps the sun
With eagerness will rise,
And gladly he will run his course,
The circuit of the skies.

Verse 2
How perfect is His law,
Restoring, making wise!
It brings rejoicing to the heart
And brightness to the eyes.
The judgments of the Lord
Are righteous and complete;
Much more than gold are they desired,
And more than honey, sweet.

Verse 3
They keep Your servant safe
And bring a great reward;
Deliver me from hidden faults
And willful sins, O Lord!
Thus innocent of wrong
And true to what is right,
Let everything I say and think
Be pleasing in Your sight.

Hymn: SMD, based on Psalm 19, arr. M. W. Bassford (2021)
Tune: ILLUMINATION, Matthew L. Harber (2021)
©2021 M. W. Bassford and Matthew L. Harber