From the recording Song of Wonder


Verse 1
I sing a song of wonder
To praise the Holy One;
His voice awakes the thunder;
His brightness lights the sun.
Unseen and yet all-seeing,
He rules each living thing;
I move and have my being
Sustained by God, my King.

Verse 2
I sing a song of gladness
Because He cares for me;
Alike in joy or sadness,
His gifts are great and free.
Though life be filled with sorrow,
My needs are still supplied;
Why should I fear tomorrow?
His hand shall yet provide.

Verse 3
I sing a song of glory
For this, His greatest grace:
He sent His Son before me,
Preparing me a place,
And in that place, forever,
My highest joy shall be
To love my God and Father,
Who set His love on me.

Hymn: Irish Traditional
Tune: SALLEY GARDENS, arr. M. W. Bassford
© 2011 M. W. Bassford