1. Zion Sing!

From the recording Song of Wonder


Verse 1
Do not turn your hearts, do not give your trust
To the princes who cannot save.
When their breath departs, they return to dust,
They go down to the grave.
Let us turn for aid to the LORD on high;
All who hope in Him will be blessed.
Jacob’s God has made earth and sea and sky,
And He saves the oppressed.

Verse 2
Who gives beggars bread? Who sets captives free?
Who uplifts the poor and ignored?
Who can raise the dead? Who makes blind men see?
Yes, the LORD! Yes, the LORD!
Let the helpless cheer, let the strangers sing,
Whom the LORD will guard and defend.
Let the wicked fear, for the LORD will bring
All their ways to an end!

O my soul, praise the LORD;
All my being, give Him praise!
I will sing to my God;
I will praise Him all my days!
Zion, praise! Praise the LORD;
Holy city, shout and sing!
Zion, sing to your God;
Through the ages, He is king!

Praise the LORD, my soul!
Praise Him, O my soul!
I will sing this song to the LORD!
With my life and breath,
In my life and death,
I will sing to the LORD, to the LORD!

Hymn: with chorus; from Psalm 146, arr. Matthew L. Harber (2021)
Tune: PRINCES, Matthew L. Harber (2021), arr. Matthew L. Harber and S. E. Rouse
©2021 Matthew L. Harber