From the recording Song of Wonder


Verse 1
Sometimes pain is hard to bear,
Pain so strong that loved ones feel it.
Though they sorrow, though they care,
Only God can heal it.

Verse 2
When my prayer is hardly heard,
Weak with rambling and repeating,
God leans in to hear each word,
And to feel my pleading.

Verse 3
Prayer by prayer, oh I am blessed:
God restores the joy of living!
Each petition, each request
Brings a new thanksgiving.

God is there! God is there!
Hour by hour! Everywhere!
I believe! Oh I believe!
I believe in prayer.

Hymn: Irr., C.A. Roberts (2014)
Tune: JEHOVAH-RAPHA, C.A. Roberts (2005)
© 2014 David and Sarah Jenkins