From the recording Song of Wonder


Verse 1
Sons of Jacob, sing the praise
Of our faithful Master,
For His love in former days
Brought us from disaster.
We were trapped against the waves
As the night was falling,
But the Lord who hears and saves
Heard as we were calling.

Verse 2
While in misery we cried,
Fearing shame and slaughter,
Like a wall on either side
Rose the saving water.
We came out alive and free
Through the way we found there;
Sin in its hostility
Followed us and drowned there.

Verse 3
Ransomed by His mighty hand,
Glad in His salvation,
Now we seek the promised land
As His holy nation.
We rejoice in liberty,
Where no foe can seize us,
In the cloud and in the sea,
Baptized into Jesus.

Hymn:, M. W. Bassford (2018)
Tune: DURHAM, Matthew L. Harber (2018)
© 2018 M. W. Bassford and Matthew L. Harber