From the recording In the Midst of the Assembly


Living Water, Bread of Life

God sends springs into the valleys,
Flowing softly through the hills.
God sends streams down from the mountains,
Leaping over rocks and rills.
He fills rivers; He fills oceans.
Oh! what bounty overflows!
But His gift of living water
Quenches thirst within my soul.

God makes seed we plant for harvest,
Grows the seedling in the field,
Ripens grain for us to gather,
For the good bread it will yield.
He made manna sent from heaven.
Oh! what bounty He bestows!
Yet the bread of life He gives me
Feeds the hunger of my soul.

God provides in great abundance;
Of His bounty He has said:
"I'll not see the saints forsaken
Or the righteous begging bread."
Father, keep it still before me:
Greatest bounty You bestow
Is the Christ, the living water,
Bread of life to fill my soul.