From the recording In the Midst of the Assembly


Theophany (High above the Seraphim)

High above the seraphim
Sounds an everlasting hymn;
Voices echo through the hall
And shake the temple wall.
Living creatures bless the King,
Four and twenty elders sing,
"Worthy He who overcame";
"The Word of God" His name.

Praise the Seed of Abraham!
All dominion to the Lamb!
Sing of Him, in glory slain,
"LORD God Almighty reigns!"
Shout the God-breathed prophecy:
"He who was will ever be!"
Kings of earth have passed away!
The Son is Lord this day!

Night to night I come to Him,
Kneel before His diadem;
While a thousand thousand sing,
I fall before the King.
Soon will He be changing me:
Clothed in immortality,
Swallowed up in victory,
And evermore to be.